The best way to show what we do is to show what we have done. Toside Studio is a new company, with innovative concepts and ideas, especially in internal management, so we cannot show a very bit portfolio yet but quantity is not important, quality is important. Check out what we've done!


The best way to understand Wibo is to download it. As for us, we have created the first web application for them. An MVP. The client's request was to make the idea into a reality. After more meetings we found the perfect solution, we created a product with only the main features, accessible via browser to be quick to go live and to be agile in real-time. We then left it to people and investors to leave their feedback. In 2 months the first version was online.

Later we support Wibo during the development of the first version of the application and in the creation of an internal dev team.

Sardinia Ristorante

"Time is money". This is the main concept we have. Our work is done to make the customer spend as little time as possible, the client has almost forget about us and see only that the site is fully functional. For the Sardinia Ristorante we have created the current version of the website and periodically carry out maintenance activities.

We are also developing the new version of the website with the goal of optimizing the performance of the product.

Vertex TV

This project has special needs. It’s not just a client but a product build in collaboration. Vertex TV is a new concept of television that wants to respond to the needs of new audience, the Millenials and GenZ. An international project that wants to offer its contents in as many languages as possible and be visible from all over the world.

We work in the digital section (website management, application management and social channels management). In this project we also work on the design of algorithms for artificial intelligence used to learn about the needs of users, with the results of the algorithm optimized contents are created.

Yantari Scent

Website | E-commerce
Room diffusers designed in Italy, produced in China and sold all over the world. This is Yantari Scent. Our job is to manage the site and social networks, we also manage e-commerce channels (Amazon, website, Facebook and Instagram). In the second step of the collaboration we will work on the internationalization of the digital image, with the final goal of reaching the European and American consumers.


Bringing classic printing into the future. Thanks to the creation of an app, a website where the customer can buy products and technology, 42creative create posters that are real links to access secret areas of the internet.

For 42creative we have created and we are managing the website, we have created and are managing the app and we have created the technology to be applied to the posters (NFC for the American market and QRcode for the European market). The project is a collaboration.