About Us

Our mission is not just to write code. Our mission is to create code to transform what the client's mind has designed into reality and, if necessary, also support the customer in the design and launch of the product. By offering our design services we can synchronize the client's idea with the world of code. With the experience of the team we can get to choose the right technologies for each single project. Thanks to a dynamic and flexible team we can allocate the perfect resources for the market in which we operate. Finally, by creating a virtual bridge between Europe and the United States, we can help clients export their business.
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Our Values

Smart Work

A good internet connection and a good PC. These are the only needs. In this way we can work with people located all over the planet, maintenance costs are reduced (quality remains high but costs reduced) and each team member can decide when and how to work. The only "must" is delivery within the agreed time!


Having an open mindset is a necessity. In the digital world, where "what is new today, tomorrow will be history", being open and flexible is the basis for adapting to changes, even on a daily basis.


Our greatest satisfaction is when a client is happy with the product and the customer benefits from it. Sometimes it's possible to get lost in creating the perfect product and forget about the final function, for this reason we take great care to have as main focus what the final product has to do. When this focus is maintained then we are satisfied.

Understand, don't impose!

In order to fully exploit our possibilities it's necessary to understand the client's needs, we don't want to impose our experience as an absolute truth but to give our experience to the client to overcome limits.

Human relationships

Always working remotely creates a problem, the construction of human relationships. We, as Toside Studio, despite working in the network, strongly believe in human relationships, between us and with our clients. We believe that a good human relationship is the basis for building a quality product. For this reason we pay a lot of attention to this aspect.

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The founders

Toside Studio was founded in 2018 by Simone Barioglio and Donato De Martiis, two people from two different worlds but with a common passion for digital, especially for startups.