Our Mission

Our mission is not just to write code. Our mission is to create programming code to transforming what the client's mind has designed into reality and, if necessary, support the client in the design and launch of the digital product.

We Sell Code

How can we explain to the children what we do? Well, very simple, we sell programming code for all clients that need it. What is the code for? They create startups, companies, digital products, websites, applications and much more.
Do you want to know more?

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Languages used (and technologies)
What languages do you use? Simple, the languages you need! We choose the language to use based on various factors including the needs of the project (budget, deadline, etc.). Here is a statistic (in percentage) of languages and tecnhologies used into last 10 projects.
Javascript (include Node.JS & React Native)
Database (include SQL & MongoDb)
Other (SWIFT, Java, Kotlin, Json, CSS, etc.)

For Your Startup

We develop code for clients who have a digital business idea and want to build it. So, if you have a digital business idea and want to turn it into reality, contact us!


Wibo - Live quiz on your smartphone

Here is an example! We build the first version of the app. The version that allowed Wibo to find investors and show the idea to the world.

In detail, we helped you Tommaso and Alessandro to transform the idea into a business in the shortest possible time . To make it happen we first listed all the functions that Wibo had to have. Then we extracted the main functions and created a webapp accessible from a web browser .

. Thanks to the webapp, the idea has been tested on the market, its potential is was shown to investors and is now Wibo!

For Your Application

We prefer code over using darg & drop tools. Because the code offers you advantages in terms of functions and possibilities that other tools cannot offer. So, if you want to develop a native application for iOS and Android, write to us!

Steps for building an app
First Step. Creating a "draft", the wireframe.
Second Step. Transformation wireframe into mockup.
Third Step. Make the mockup interactive.
Beta Version
Fourth step. First private versione is ready for the download.
Live Version
Fifth step. The app is live!

For Your Website

The most classic of digital products that exist. But the best code on a site is the one that creates a new business tool for your company. So, if you intend to improve your company by renewing the site, write us without problems!


Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante - Italian Restaurant

The website is now an essential tool for any business. Why?

Because every customer today looks for information online and if it wants to come and eat in your restaurant, it first looks online . Yes, word of mouth still works but the new generation, the millennials and the GenZ, have the smartphone as a natural extension of the body and if they don't see you online for them you don't exist .

For Sardinia we manage the maintenance of the website. Our job is simple, keep the site live and be ready for all updates, nothing more, nothing less.